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Card Sleeves

How thick are the materials used to make sleeves?

Ultra PRO's card sleeves are made with archival-safe, non-PVC polypropylene film and are measured in microns. Below are a list of our sleeve lines and the micron thickness you can expect from our products. Penny Sleeves: 45 micron material, front and

Is there a size tolerance for sleeves?

Yes, as with all manufacturing processes, our products include a small size tolerance that we will accept from our factories. For sleeves, the following tolerances are not considered defective:. Small Sleeves - 89x62mm with a ±0.50mm tolerance. Stand

Is there color variance between the same SKU products?

Due to the production process, color variations can occur in materials, but we do everything in our power to ensure it is as minimal as possible - trust us… we reject materials all the time because of this! That said, some slight variations are unavo

Eclipse vs Non-Eclipse Sleeves

All of Ultra PRO’s sleeves are made with archival-safe polypropylene materials - so your cards are not going to turn yellow in our sleeves. The cool difference between our Eclipse Matte and PRO-Matte sleeves, for example, comes down to the way the co

What is the difference between Gloss & Matte sleeves?

When you see product descriptions refer to “gloss” and “matte”, we are generally referring to the card display on sleeves (the clear side). Gloss sleeves are going to provide a clear, shiny display of the card, while matte is also clear, but less ref

What is ChromaFusion technology?

ChromaFusion technology is our proprietary manufacturing tech used to achieve a fully opaque sleeve back that will not peel and provides our strongest seal. Our art sleeves and Eclipse sleeves are both made using ChromaFusion technology, ensuring the

Small & Standard Sleeves

Small and Standard are the most common sizes for collectible cards, and it's important you buy the right size to properly protect your cards. Standard Size Sleeves = 66mm x 91mm. Standard size sleeves are made to fit most trading cards such as Magic: