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How do I get a replacement for defective items?Updated 7 months ago

How we support you each step of the way:




We are so sorry that the Ultra PRO product you received is not as expected. In manufacturing, defects are rare but certainly can happen. In the event you receive an item you believe to be defective, please take it back to the seller you purchased it from for a refund or replacement. Note, purchases are subject to the seller’s return policy. Not only is this the most efficient method for securing your resolution, but we also have support for defective items built into our partnership agreements for this exact reason. Below we outline the process.


If you purchased the defective item from our online store, you can request a refund or replacement from our customer service team by completing the following steps. Keep in mind that defect claims can only be honored for 60 days from purchase.

  1. Emailing [email protected] with pictures of the defective item that include the SKU on the package and your order number.
  2. Opening a ticket with the "? Help" icon on this screen. You would want to select "Product Help" and answer the resulting questions.


For Retailers:
In our Distributor Partnership agreement, the Distributor agrees to provide credits to their Retailer Customers for verified manufacturer’s defects. As a result, the Retailer is supported to provide replacements or refunds for Ultra PRO’s manufacturer’s defective items. Please note, items sold as-is may not be eligible for replacement per the retailer account agreement. If at any point a retailer has difficulty receiving a credit from their distributor sales rep for a verified manufacturer’s defective item, they may escalate the issue to their distributor’s customer support manager. If they continue to have difficulties, they can reach out to [email protected] for additional support. 


When submitting a claim to your distributor for an Ultra PRO manufacturer’s defect, please include the following:

  1. Photos demonstrating the defect
  2. Photos of the packaging, including the barcode area
  3. Quantity affected
  4. Purchase order for the affected product


For Distribution:
Ultra PRO is proud to stand by our distribution partners, and our distribution agreement ensures that all our official distributors have a direct line to us in order to process refunds or replacements for defective products. Your sales account manager is available to process those requests monthly for your account. 


When submitting your claim to Ultra PRO, please include:

  1. All information provided by Retailer
  2. WO/PO# from master carton
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