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Shards of Infinity: Shadow of Salvation Expansion - Game RulesUpdated 7 months ago

Shards of Infinity: Shadow of Salvation is an expansion for Shards of Infinity. To use Shadow of Salvation in combination with the classic gameplay of Shards of Infinity, simply shuffle the 12 standard black-bordered Cards into the Center Deck. You may also use Rez as a 5th possible starting Hero, including his two unique Relics.

We’ve made a change to the card Cloud Oracles. If you have the Relics of the Future expansion, you’ll want to replace Cloud Oracles with the new copies included in this expansion. If you don’t have Relics of the Future, just add the new Cloud Oracles into the Center Deck. For the full rules on how to play the game, download to the Shards of Infinity’s Rulebook from our rules database or click here.

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